Our Story

One day, James realized that he inherited his parent’s dreams and that, to genuinely honor his parents, he should discern, develop, and pursue his own dreams.

a photo of James from PASTORIA thinking about church
I. How it Started

When his father died, James realized something that had not occurred to him before:

James was proud of his father for many things.

But, in particular, James was proud of the fact that his father, despite the odds, pursued his dream.

Ironically, however, James also realized that his own dream was… not his. It was an inherited dream shaped by the expectations of his parents and extended family – influenced by the need to make his immigrant parents’ sacrifice, “worth it.”

That same year, James and his spouse welcomed their first child into the world. This experience of being in-between two generations led James to wonder:

When I am gone from this world, will my child be proud of his father for pursuing his dreams?

Ultimately, what James came to believe is that, to honor our parents is to actually make our children proud.

So, James set upon a particular path:

To be a healer of the future in all the ways that he could, to as many people as he could, in as many contexts as he could.

II. How it is Going

Today, James is the Program Director of MOM & POP – an initiative of PASTORIA to heal the future of small business by integrating digital, diversity, and the dreams of the community.

The world that James, through MOM & POP, envisions is one in which small businesses are centers of healing in their community.

The mission of MOM & POP is to see as many immigrant and BIPOC dreams – ones that can honor parents and make children proud – come to life, through the capabilities of MOM & POP in brandcraft.